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MARC BEHIN, guitarist/compositor

An experienced French guitarist, compositor, always explores new ways in musical improvisation.

His world founded on interbreeding and fusionnelle music draws inspiration from ragas Indian, African rhythms, melodies of medium east….it creates a new current around the world pop, true sound venture, it collaborates with different artist as

Madjid Bekkas, Saintrick, Senny Camara, Jimi’Mbaye, Sambou Kouaté, Latif Khan, Ali Farka Touré, Jonathan Dunford,  Ry Cooder, Pierre Cauvin , Mio, Uma N Rao, Martin Bauer, Francis Cabrel, Hugues Aufray, Yves Duteil, Alain Bouchaux…in the domain of variety music, world music, vamp music or ou classical music ( Opéra Bastille, Théâtre des Champs Elysées… au côté de Ludovic Tezier, Marie Nicole Lemieux, Roberto Villazon, Lizette Oporosa, Pretty Yende, Karine Deshayes…) with directors Coline Serreau, Martino Martone, Damiano Michieletto, Krzysztof Warlikowski….

It is left the collective contemporary music RUKA.
He is regularly invited on the international stages (France, Senegal, Vietnam, India, USA, Dubai, Belgium, UK, Morocco…)

Coach for different French artists. Awards in the festival of Jazz in Besançon (France).

he created an artistic residence in Bangalore in 2010 (India)

It aims a « school of agreed actual guitar » (Jazz Bond Association) in Le Perreux sur Marne, close to Paris, when he teaches improvised music

He writes music for theatre and French movies.With his group, they play all together in a many festivals and concerts all over the world. Good relationship and continue to proposes different piece of music, new way, search new sound and good energy.

MARC BEHIN Concert 2023
MARC BEHIN Concert 2023